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How to create backlinks in 2020

Create backlinks – When we create a blog, then the biggest question haunts us and that is the traffic coming to our blog.The pageviews that come on the blog are very few. Whenever we write a post, you know how hard we have to work for that post.But even after doing all this, when someone does not visit our blog, then we are very disturbed.

Not only this, sometimes it seems that you have done something better than this in blogging, we would have done something else.We start moving away from blogging. We work less on our blog and spend more time on our blog
“How to increase blog traffic?”

By the way, to increase traffic on the blog, we try many options and see for example

Share the post on social media
Writing high quality article
Do not copy the article even
Writing SEO friendly posts
Keyword Research
Commenting on another blog
Creating Backlinks

Friends, remember that traffic on any blog does not increase overnight. If you want to increase traffic on the blog then you will need to work hard and wait with it…
“Patience is sweet”
If you have the ability to wait, then just keep publishing good articles on the blog, traffic will keep your blog updated and 100% traffic will come. Now let’s talk about Backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

Friends, whenever we talk about the traffic of the blog, the first one comes backlinks. But for the new blogger, it becomes a bit difficult to understand the backlinks, I am here to tell you in very simple and simple words What is backlink?

Backlink is a way to go from one website to another, in simple words, when we create a backlink to another website, then when we click on that link, we come to our blog. This means that both web pages are connected together. Friends, when we make a backlink, then keep in mind one thing how the quality of that backlink is.

Any backlink that we make for our blog should be of good quality, only then Google can grab your attention. If you are creating a backlink that is a low quality backlink then it is harmful for your blog.

How to create backlinks - 2020

Types of backlinks

Friends, if you create backlinks for a blog, then your blog can rank in Google. But it does not mean that you create backlink from anywhere. The backlinks that we create for the blog are of two types –
1.Dofollow Backlinks
2.Nofollow Backlinks
Friends, I have already told you that it is very important to have backlinks for the blog. Because a lot depends on Google’s backlinks, so the more quality backlinks you have, the more rich you are in the search engine.
So we can also say that if you want to become a bad king of blogging then you should have a property with backlinks.

What is Dofollow Backlink?

Friends backlink means the path going from one web page to another web page and through it the traffic of our blog increases.
When someone clicks on such a link, then it is more from one blog to another. Dofollow backlinks are very beneficial in increasing the rank of our blog.
Dofollow backlink is of this type

<a href=”your blog url”> Link Text </a>

Freinds, now you will understand well how dofollow backlink is and how important dofollow backlinks are for our blog. Now we will understand how to make dofollow backlink.

How to create backlinks

By the way, backlink whether it is nofollow or dofollow is not a difficult task to make. I am going to tell you some tricks here which work 100%.

1. Quara
Quara which is a question and answer website and we can get high quality backlink from quara. How to create backlink from quara? If you have such a question in your mind, friends are very simple.
First you have to create an account on quara, you can go to quara.com in google or else you can download quara’s app. After registering on Quara, you have to give answers to related quations. Related to the subject of which your blog is about. When you answer, give the url of your blog along with it.

2. Mix
Mix is a great website for creating backlinks. Mix can increase the traffic of our blog. If you want to create backlink from mix, then you just have to go to mix.com and register with your email id.
Friends, when you write a post and publish it, then you have to give the url of that post to mix.com also, when you do this, traffic will start coming from the mix on your blog.

How to create Dofollow Backlinks

Step by step, I have told you two high quality Backlink so far. If you make backlinks with quara and mix, then you can get results in just 2-3 days. Now how will we make backlink by commenting?
Friends, there is no more difficult task, you just have to search the keyword of your post in Google, by doing this, Google will show you the top 10 such blogs that they are ranking high on that keyword.
Now you have to go to one blog one by one, after reading the post, in the comment box, you have to write in full details how the post was and later give the url of your blog by writing any question related to the post. If the comment is approved, it will become a Backlink for your blog.

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How to create backlinks in 2020

Create backlinks - When we create a blog, then the biggest question haunts us and that is the traffic coming to our...

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